If you do work for the City of Chicago, a new ordinance now requires you to have a sexual harassment policy.  This latest ordinance would require primary contractors seeking work through the city’s procurement office to sign affidavits starting June 30, 2018 swearing that they have written sexual harassment policies to protect their employees.  Such policies will be reviewed by the Chicago Department of Procurement during the bidding process.  Given these latest developments, Tristan & Cervantes has composed a sample policy to assist businesses in complying with this City of Chicago Ordinance.

The written policy shall include the following: a.) that sexual harassment is illegal; b.) a definition of sexual harassment, and c.) legal recourse available for victims of sexual harassment. Any companies found to not be in compliance with the law may lose the ability to perform work for the City. Failure to have such a policy in place would trigger a “default” after a 30-day “opportunity to cure” the violation. If a contract has already been awarded, the City could terminate the contract and re-bid if not cured. 

The ordinance also authorizes the Chicago Department of Procurement Services to adopt rules that require any subcontractor to have a written policy prohibiting sexual harassment.  Tristan & Cervantes has assisted numerous clients in implementing sound employment policies and in conducting employee training regarding these policies. If you would like to have an attorney at Tristan & Cervantes review your policy, or draft a policy for your company, please contact us at info@tristancervantes.com or at 312.345.9200.

To view Tristan & Cervantes’s Sample Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Discrimination for City of Chicago Contractors, click here.